BlueHost host is really suitable for your site?

Bluehost host visibility in the country is very high, host one of the earliest use of domestic owners nfl and nikestill have a lot of loyal users. Have a great relationship with Bluehost company has been providing high-performance virtual host products and good service.nfl and nike

Bluehost was founded in 1996, the number of hosted sites now have more than one million, but still growth in the speed of more than 20,000 new users each month. The award-winning because Bluehostnfl and nike high quality and good reputation, in the United

States host community, e-commerce Zencert well-known blog Wordpress is recommended as the preferred host, the domestic foreign trade website has also been a Bluehost host as the first choice.hockey jersey

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Bluehost host program overview:
 Provide unlimited space and traffic can be bound to the unlimited web site (which seems to have become the standard of the foreijerseysgn host)
 • Price: $ 6.95 / month (for the biennium only $ 5.95 / month)
 • presented a free domain name (as long as the use of bluehost hosting provided free of charge)sport jersey
 • Create unlimited mailboxes
 • establishment of the station software, a key installation routine procedure
 • support for php5, prel5, Python, CGI, Ruby (RoR)
 • You can open SSH access
 • You can purchase a separate

 • 24 * 7 online technical support services
 • 30 day money back guarantee

Bluehost's control panel:

The Bluehost virtual host is a very popular cpanel control panel, very easy to use and use less than half an hour's time, friends can be very familiar with its icon, control, navigatinfl jersey wholesaleon menu. All functions in accordance with the classification of very clear and organized, using simple and plain English description of each function, and support Chinese language. Therefore, the operation of the host, such as increasing new domain name,

database, e-mail, host settings, the site data backup, file management, installer, set the timing tasks can be done here, very easy to use.

A few of you may concern:

1, Bluehost speed is how?

Two aspects of this question to be answered, if you are doing to the English site, that site's audience itself in Europe and America, Bluehost is the host server is placed in the four major U.S. data center room, that speed no say. If you used a Chinese website, target visitors are domestic users, the speed compared to the domestic space is slow, but Bluehost has been optimized for Internet lines linking China, BlueHost h

ost of domestic users to access speed is pretty good. international export line, so there is no Netcom, China Telecom, the speed bottleneck.

Bluehost is the host Ip shield

As long as the foreign host, the possibility of the IP gfw shield, Bluehost is does not allow adult sites and illegal sites, Bluehost users to business users, blocked the probability is not too high. My own to save, to buy an independent IP, the establishment of the station to use a separate IP has many advantages, its limitations is relatively small, safe, and another on seo help. You do not have to worry about other illegal sites implicated, apply for an independent IP, as long as your site is not in violation of the provisions of national law, then use a separate IP website, they are the probability of the screen is very low.

Bluehost is the price high?

And many other foreign host (domestic, even if it), Bluehost is $ 6.95 per month price does not belong to the middle level, not the highest, $ 9.95 / month, not the lowest, like $ 2.95 / Month have seen. But in terms of the consolidated company's reputation, nfl jerseythe stability of the host and service, the price is not expensive. Perhaps low-cost, more attractive, but if there is a problem, leading to such as crashes, data loss, problems remain unresolved compared to, you crazy, regret. A little more, buy rest assured, into more energy to improve your site's income is not more cost-effective?

, Customer service, how?

Bluehost to ensure that the host's uptime of 99.9%, and need to find the customer service really is not much. If a problem occurs, seek help through a variety of ways, including online chat, e-mail and the telephone to resolve. Their services 24/7 service level reputation in the industry is very good.

Overall, Bluehost is a very good host, if you are looking for a foreign host, then buy Bluehost host you will not regret it, there are over 100 million domestic and foreign companies, owners verify that you have to worry about what?

The Bluehost purchase payment to support credit card and Paypal, the entire purchase process is very simple. If in doubt, refer to: Buying Guide.

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zen cart security vulnerabilities - must see Hacking

ed and black Union's escort nfl and nike(www.hhsafe.com) accepted a website penetration testing and repair work is to use zen cart, a great many problems.
A website has recentlysport jerseybeen invaded by APACHE log analysis to find the reason, the background upload upload Trojan. Because the installation of a batch upload plug-in Easy Populate hockey jersey(I believe many people have to install some plug-ins). There are, file through record_company.php, the hackers is through the background post jerseys it here.
1 can upload controlsnfl store
Easy Populate background can modify the upload directory,nfl jersey the dead to write code, can only be uploaded to the tempEP
2, delete out record_company.php nfl jerseyfile admin / record_company.php
Control images tempEP directory, php can not execute, if uploaded Trojan, Trojan horse programs can not be implemented.nfl jersey wholesale
4, the very focus point,nike jersey backstage access to user names and passwords to remember that you want to modify.custom nfl jersey Some may be former employees know the background of the login password. If the above three points to do, he knows the password will have to worry about.cheap nfl jersey
5, the control of index.php and include directory read-only. Be uploaded Trojan do not have to worry about to jump.nfl jersey customized

Other aspects:mlb jersey

Need to delete the directory
The root directory under: Docs,nba jersey extras, zc_install, install.txt, download, media, pub
Editors / fckeditornhl jersey

rm docs-fr
rm extras-frpersonalized nfl jersey
rm zc_install-fr
rm install.txt-fr
rm download-fr
rm media-fr
rm pub-fr
Delete the download directory should be subject to the implementation of this code to prohibit the download
update `zen_configuration` set configuration_value = 'false' where 'DOWNLOAD_ENABLED' = configuration_key

Principles and recommendations of the various anti complaints imitation brand space (vps)

Imitation brand of foreign trade,nfl jersey foreign (especially U.S.) to crackdown strong imitation licensing, spatial complaint, while the server is directly under the machine, ranging from Web site were forced to off the assembly line. The losses caused by heavy,
only to their own websites on the resistance to the complaint on the server. Especially now that the peak season, imitation brand space in great demand. Today to share with you the principle of anti-complaints of all kinds of imitation brand space on the network.

1,nfl jersey wholesale anti complaints space "as a gimmick to sell ordinary space, one against whom the complaint is to change the server. Should be appeared on the Internet the most, a variety of space varies greatly, the price is the price range from dozens to one thousand. In fact, the servers in the United States is very seldom against complaints custom nfl jersey(the United States itself seemed so important) intellectual property, if you see the line was sold to U.S. anti-space of complaints that you should pay attention to.mlb jersey However, there is one situation is better to make a mirror, he will give your site across multiple servers, nba jerseyonce the server is subjected to complaints as soon as you switch to another server. This space is certainly a very expensive price!nhl jersey

2, the Netherlands, Switzerland, server, there are some offshore country server. Do imitation brand know that the Dutch space,authentic nfl jersey because the side of the fight against imitation card is not very powerful, and involved in the law is weak. Basically even if the space complaint, the ISP will not be accepted. And then there are some offshore server, such as Malaysia and other countries of the server.cheap nfl jersey This space for more expensive, and some server bandwidth is limited.

3, the last one is especially recommended, the use of reverse proxy technology, the DNS servers of the European anti-complaint,personalized nfl jersey but to read the data on the vps. So that the user can not get the real IP to the vps, complaints, then the only complaint to the European anti complaints server. This ensures that your station is in the ground with complaints.

Storm Internet (www.51baofeng.com) server, cname record resolution, if one of the European proxy node is down, and will automatically switch to another agent node, to ensure that the online rate. We are interested, you can buy this!


zen-cart shop set up a detailed tutorial

zen-cart shop set up a detailed tutorial

zen-cart shop set up a detailed tutorial - ZenCart is a free, friendly interface, open source shopping cart software. ZenCart's a very powerful back-office functions,nfl jersey the basic need to change the code, you can complete the entire mall structures. The following is a brief under ZenCart installed and how to set up?
 Background set section

One, the store set

1, basic settings:nfl store
 Modify the (store name) to set up their own shop

2, customer data
 Modify the default country in (create account)-based marketing national
 Modified (display selection box of Electronic Business) 0

3, the distribution parameterjerseys
 Modified (country or region of origin) origin for their own shop, the default Chinese
 Modified (Zip Code) for their own shop origin zip code, it seems useless
 Modified (maximum package weight) 10000, shop the largest single parcel up to 10 kg
 Modified (large parcel packaging material) to 10:1,hockey jersey indicating that 10% of the total weight of parcels increased by 1 gram as packaging weight
 Modify the order (invoice management instructions) for 2
 Modified (in the packing list management order instructions) for 2

4, e-mail
 Modified (SMTP account mailbox) sport jerseyfor the administrator mail account - or another setting, but not recommended
 Modified (SMTP account password) mail password for the administrator - or another setting, but not recommendedauthentic nfl jersey
 Modify (SMTP host) for the administrator's mailbox SMTP host-Gmail = smtp.gmail.com,personalized nfl jersey and other mailbox mailbox requirements set
 Modify (SMTP server port) mail SMTP host port - Gmail = 465

5, the property is set
 Modify (allows download) is false

6, the layout settingsnhl jersey
 Modified (Classifieds - Show Specials link) is false - the Department is set for freedom, according to the personal circumstances
 Modified (Classifieds - New product link) is false - the Department is free to set, depending on individual circumstances.nfl and nike
 Modified (and column - recommended product link) is false - th